Australian bangladesh business forum


The Australia Bangladesh Business Forum (ABBF) is a leading business forum, dedicated to promoting the bilateral trade and investment relationship between Australia and Bangladesh.

Abdul Ratan Khan


Abdul is a highly successful member of the Australian Bangladesh community with over 20 years experience within the local & global business sector. Having completed his Masters of Business Administration/Management (UNSW), Abdul has been at the centre of numerous business initiatives such as the BD Hub (President), Multicultural Children’s Festival (Commitee Member) and is the founder of the Australian Bangladesh Business Forum which was established in a direct response to the need for a platform to facilitate professional and business collaboration within the Australian Bangladeshi community.

Brian Laul

Joint Secretary

Brian has over 25 years experience in business & cultural arts landscape , contributing to internationally recognized projects in India & America, and more recently Australia. He was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award for 2023 in recognition of his work across a range of community initiatives over many years. He is Chair of the Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival, Director of Oz Funland, Chair of Rainbow Crossing Inc and founder of Good Morning Macarthur which records and tells community stories online every fortnight. 



Passionate mortgage broker dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their dreams of homeownership. With expertise in finding the best loan options, providing financial guidance, and ensuring a smooth mortgage process. A committed community advocate, actively involved in local initiatives and fostering positive relationships to support the well-being and growth of the community.

Nazmul Hasan

Joint Secretary / Director

Nazmul is a passionate entrepreneur, co-founder and Group CEO of the GRYPAS Group. With a strong vision for innovation and growth, he leads a diverse portfolio of business that are reshaping industries and making a positive impact on the global stage.

A S M D Muzammel Hossain


A dynamic and accomplished professional with a diverse background in various industries, Muzammel has served as a Director and Business Owner in both Australia and Malaysia’s hospitality and automotive sectors, as well as in the automotive imports and trading business in Bangladesh. With a proven track record in both hospitality and automotive industries, he is well-equipped to contribute positively to this business forum sharing his extensive network.  

Md Rahman Tipu


A visionary and accomplished restaurateur. With a deep passion for Bangladeshi cuisine, he has created a culinary empire, showcasing the rich flavors and traditions of his homeland. Through his innovation and dedication, he has built a successful restaurant business that delights food enthusiasts, celebrating the essence of Bangladeshi gastronomy.

Mohammad Khan


Mohammad Khan is the Principal Criminal Defence Lawyer of Lyons Law Group. After graduating with a Bachelor of Aviation from the University of New South Wales, Mohammad took a keen interest in the law. He began training in criminal law under the tutelage of Australia’s leading criminal lawyer Adam Houda and studied law at the University of Sydney.

Torun Rahman


As an IT professional, Torun has leveraged his technical expertise to optimize systems, develop innovative solutions that drive business growth and efficiency. As a real estate professional, he specializes in helping clients navigate the market, providing personalized guidance and expert advice to facilitate properties.

Shafik Sheik


Shafik, a dynamic entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in hospitality and business, is a visionary leader in the import and export livestock industry. Alongside steering the success of Nawab’s Restaurant, a celebrated culinary destination, he oversees four bustling At Mex stores, showcasing his passion for Mexican cuisine. Additionally, Shafik serves as the Vice President of BD Hub, driving strategic initiatives with a forward-thinking approach. With a proven track record of innovation and excellence, Shafik continues to leave an indelible mark on the realms of hospitality and commerce.

Abu Abdullah

Media & Publications Advisor 

Veteran journalist with 12 years of experience, dedicated to empowering the Bangladeshi community in Australia through migration assistance. Adept at building bridges between cultures, fostering integration and providing valuable insights. Excelled as a trusted figure at Commonwealth Bank for 17 years. Currently serving as the Founder and Executive member of the Australian BD Journalist Association and News, promoting diversity, inclusivity and quality journalism.