Building Global Sourcing Opportunities

in collaboration with the Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra

3rd & 4th October 2024

Venue: International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia

A must attend event for industry professionals with buying and global sourcing of apparel, IT services, Human resources & homeware products.

Endless trade opportunities

Network & connect


 Australia Bangladesh Business Forum (ABBF) has established itself as pivotal in fostering professional and business collaboration within the Australian Bangladeshi diaspora. As a not-for-profit organization, ABBF is dedicated to promoting diversity and strengthening ties between the Australian, Bengali, and other communities. It serves as a voice for the Australian business sector, advocating for local business needs, advancing their interests, and supporting community sectors through direct advocacy for local investment. 

Australia Bangladesh Trade Expo

The Initiative

Recognizing the potential for Australia to become a new destination for Bangladeshi products, ABBF proposes to organize the very first AUSTRALIA BANGLADESH BUSINESS EXPO in Sydney, Australia, scheduled for October 2024 at the prestigious International Convention & Exhibition Centre, in collaboration with the Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra.

Key Features and Highlights

In collaboration with the Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra, the expo aims to bring together Australian importers, wholesalers, retail and boutique buyers, and agents under one roof.


* Person-to-person connections, traditional linkages, and nascent areas of cooperation.

* Interaction with 30+ key Chambers of Commerce and Australian business groups.

* Critical Knowledge Exchange sessions.


* Opportunities for exploring the Australian market for exports and imports.

« Exclusive B2B Meetings and one-to-one interactions with key Australian economic players.

* Brand-building opportunities.

Event Components

 The expo will consist of:

* Business Interactions

* Business Exhibition

* Structured B2B Meetings

* Business Seminars

 Bilateral Trade Context

Overview of Bilateral Trade Growth and TIFA

Over the last decade, Bangladesh and Australia have experienced remarkable growth in bilateral trade, culminating in the signing of the Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement (TIFA). This agreement is poised to significantly enhance trade opportunities across multiple sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure, and education.

Trade Dynamics: Bangladesh’s Imports from Australia

Bangladesh’s imports from Australia encompass a diverse range of goods, spanning agricultural products (such as cotton, wheat, edible vegetables, oilseeds, lentils, and pulses), minerals and metals (including copper, zinc, and lead), dairy products, scraps, and other industrial raw materials. In 2021-22, Bangladesh exported goods worth $1.3 billion to Australia, experiencing a notable 27% increase in exports to New South Wales over the past six years.

Bangladesh’s Economic Landscape

Bangladesh’s economy is, in fact, the fastest expanding in Asia, while being the least well-known. It has surpassed India’s per capita income in recent months. It is also pertinent to note that Bangladesh shares many similarities with Vietnam, a country that receives far more attention in Australia, regarding recent development rates and the size of its economy.

Role and Potential of TIFAs in Economic Relations

TIFAs do represent a boost in dedication and ambition, even though they are primarily seen as symbolic and full of good intentions. Although TIFAs cannot ensure an increase in trade or investment, there are instances where such tools have foreshadowed the development of closer economic relations between nations. One such agreement is the 2013-signed US-Bangladesh Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement, which saw a nearly 50% growth in bilateral goods trade between the two nations by 2019 (Source: Australian Institute of International Affairs). The TIFA, in this instance, also emphasizes that Australia has more opportunities in South Asian countries such as Bangladesh.

Focus Sectors

• Textiles (yarns, fabric apparel, knits)

• Leather & Footwear

• Jute and allied products

• Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices

• IT & Services

• Recycling Products

• Education Services

• Food and Seasonal fruits

• Travel and Tourism

• Shipping and Packaging

• Agriculture

• Skilled Workers

• Home furnishing

• Handicrafts 

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Business Expo


  • Engage with prominent brands, retailers, and trade buyers from Australia and Bangladesh.

  • Foster and cultivate essential business connections with a diverse array of decision-makers and influencers.

  • Present your products and capabilities to a targeted professional audience.

  • Forge meaningful face-to-face interactions to deepen relationships with current partners and explore opportunities with potential buyers.

  • Showcase your offerings and engage with industry peers to stay abreast of the newest trends and advancements.

  • Access a concentrated pool of trade professionals seeking global sourcing opportunities.

  • Efficiently reach Australian importers, wholesalers, retailers, boutique buyers, and agents all under one roof.

  • Facilitate swift sales lead generation to expedite the buying process.

  • Enhance brand visibility and recognition.

  • Network, connect, and gain insights into the latest trends within the Australian market.

Every stall registration

What’s Included?


A 3 x 3 metre stall space with a table & 2 chairs


Two days of opportunity to further your trade with Australia from the platform of a most prestigious, well-attended single-country trade expo.


Complimentary Lunch Packs for both days


Two invitations to a Gala Networking Dinner attended by Federal, State and Local Government & Trade officials


Australian business officials from 30+ Chambers of Commerce and respected Australian business leaders; Invitations to critical Knowledge Exchange sessions

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